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Cleaning Your Condensate Drain Pans and Drain Traps

Picture an ice cold drink on a warm summer day – what might you see? Most likely you’ll find water droplets that start to form on the outside of the glass. This is similar to what happens to your evaporator coil. When warm air passes over extremely cold evaporator coils, condensation forms and drips into a pan below. 

If not maintained properly, you may experience a number of issues including damaged or clogged drain lines, water overflowing and subsequent issues to the rest of the unit, resulting in lower longevity and efficiency of the system.

Why is it important to clean the condensate drain pans and traps during the spring?

The best way to help prevent an issue with your condensate drain pans and drain traps is to pre-clean these components prior to summer time when the warmer weather demands more of your cooling units.

Cleaning drain pans and condensate drain traps during the spring preventive maintenance inspection will help prevent these areas from plugging up with debris during cooling operations, when condensate water causes debris to build up. This build up of debris can result in the possibility of water not draining properly and leaking into the unit or space.


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