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Services for Data Centers

HVAC Services for Data Centers in Chicago, IL

Today’s companies are relying on technology more than they ever have, and that often means a room within their facilities dedicated to holding the servers and other technology. Those computers generate a significant amount of heat, and keeping the room at a strict temperature level is vital to protecting the data they contain. Controlling humidity is also critical. In a data center, that need is even greater. If your AC goes down, your data center and server room are at tremendous risk.

First Point Mechanical Services, LLC, is here to help. We know the unique needs of the technology industry and have products and services to help keep your server room protected. Whether you have an existing problem that needs to be repaired or simply want to ensure that your system is ready to deliver whatever your server room needs, trust our team to do the job right.

When your data center needs help with its heating and cooling systems, contact First Point Mechanical at 847-483-8080 or by contacting us online.

Understanding Safe Conditions for Chicago-Area Data Centers

The Guide to Data Center Standards reports the safe temperature and humidity ranges for data centers. Keeping yours within these guidelines is critical to ensuring your data and your equipment stay safe. First Point Mechanical can help you maintain these required ranges:

  • Temperatures should stay between 69 and 81 degrees.
  • Maximum dew point should not exceed 59 degrees.
  • Maximum relative humidity is no more than 60 percent.
  • Maximum temperature change should be no more than 9 degrees per hour.

In addition to the temperature and humidity standards, data centers must maintain minimum efficiency requirements for the cooling systems based on the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers standards. These standards outline the precision required for humidity and temperature control, as well as air filtration, in computer rooms. It also discusses the need for efficiency in light of the continuous performance required of these systems.

When choosing an HVAC contractor to work with your data center, make sure you have one that understands these regulations. Contact Chicago’s trusted commercial HVAC pros at First Point Mechanical for help today.

AC Repairs and Installation for Data Centers in Chicago

When your air conditioning system stops functioning properly, you need to repair it immediately. You can’t wait, or those carefully controlled temperature and humidity levels are compromised. First Point Mechanical offers AC repairs at a moment’s notice with a team of skilled HVAC pros who understand the requirements for computer rooms and data centers. We can also assist with replacing systems or installing redundant cooling systems to limit the risk of downtime in the future. If you are building a new data center, our design/build contractors can help you plan for its cooling needs.

For prompt repair of your data center’s AC units, or for AC installation services, contact First Point Mechanical.

Keep Your Chicago Data Center Running Smoothly With First Point Mechanical

From repair to installation to maintenance, First Point Mechanical has the cooling system services you need to keep your data center running well. By partnering with our team, you can be confident that temperature and humidity levels will be properly controlled, so you can enjoy proper function for your systems.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your data center’s cooling needs with the Chicago pros at First Point Mechanical. Reach out to us online or call 847-483-8080.

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