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DDC Control Services in Chicago, Illinois

Heating and air conditioning systems are some of the leading consumers of energy in any commercial facility, and for those businesses that are interested in trimming costs, they are a good place to start. While older pneumatic control systems may offer basic energy-saving features, upgrading or replacing pneumatic systems with direct digital control (DDC) systems can offer significant energy savings.

At First Point Mechanical Services, LLC, our experts can help you save money and improve comfort with the latest DDC systems for your heating and cooling equipment. We offer DDC services throughout the Chicago area, and our experts can help you determine which systems are the best candidates for DDC upgrades. Our company is a leading provider of commercial heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration services in Chicago, and we are committed to helping our customers save energy, prevent downtime, and improve comfort.

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What Are DDC Systems?

Pneumatic control systems use air pressure and actuators to control motors, dampers, and valves based on the input provided by thermostats and other sensors. DDC systems can replace some or all pneumatic controls with simple, reliable digital actuators, sensors, and controls that offer more precise control of HVAC equipment, valuable feedback, and greater convenience. Electromechanical devices can replace pneumatic actuators, or the system can be converted to all-digital systems for even better performance.

To learn more about the DDC systems available for your Chicagoland business, contact us today!

What Are the Benefits of DDC for Your Company?

DDC systems are a cost-effective upgrade for pneumatic HVAC systems, and they can offer:

  • More precise control over temperature, humidity, and air pressure
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Improved comfort and greater productivity
  • Advanced HVAC status monitoring and reporting
  • Simple data collection for analysis of long-term HVAC performance
  • Early warning in the event of HVAC problems or failures

Contact our experts at First Point Mechanical to learn how DDC controls can benefit your business.

DDC Installation Services in Chicago, IL

If you are ready to upgrade your pneumatic HVAC system to DDC, talk to our experts at First Point Mechanical. We can walk you through the process and suggest the best components for the job. Our experts can provide a complete, professional DDC installation, then we can familiarize your staff with its operation and use. DDC systems offer great features that enhance the use and control of your HVAC equipment, including:

  • Reliable electronic sensors
  • Individual control over specific zones
  • Coordination between multiple systems
  • Set points based on schedules and occupancy
  • Computer-based data monitoring
  • Trend and history monitoring
  • Remote adjustments and control
  • Economizer control for greater efficiency
  • Airflow and pressure monitoring
  • Load shedding

All these features lead to significant performance improvements and energy savings, as well as greater comfort. With monthly reductions in energy consumption, energy rebates, and other savings, the return on your investment can be swift.

We also offer convenient maintenance programs to keep your DDC system and HVAC equipment performing efficiently, plus 24/7 emergency service for any HVAC problems you may encounter.

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From DDC installations to maintenance, repairs, and replacement, when you need an expert for all your DDC control needs, choose our team at First Point Mechanical Services.

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