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Hydronic System Solutions

Hydronic Systems in Chicago, Illinois

Hydronic heating systems are ideal for cold climates like Chicago, where they are especially effective at making people feel warm and comfortable without the skin-irritating effects of a forced-air furnace. They are reliable systems based on a proven technology, and with the latest advances in boiler design, hydronic systems can be just as efficient as heating with a gas furnace. Plus, when summer arrives, a chiller can be used to keep your building cool and comfortable.

At First Point Mechanical Services, LLC, we install and service hydronic systems throughout the Chicago area. We serve commercial facilities of all types, and we offer complete installation, repair, and maintenance services for hydronic heating and cooling systems. Our technicians are experienced, certified, and ready to help with all your commercial HVAC needs.

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What Is Hydronics?

Hydronics refers to a heating or cooling system that uses a liquid to transfer heat from one location to another. In commercial applications, a boiler is used to heat water, which can be transferred to baseboard radiators, fan coils, water-source heat pumps, in-floor radiant systems, or other devices to provide heat for a room or building. In the summer, a chiller can be used to provide cool water for air conditioning purposes. It is an effective and efficient system that eliminates many of the problems that come with filtering and circulating air in a forced-air system.

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The Benefits of Hydronics for Chicago Businesses

A hydronic heating and cooling system does not use air to move heat, but water. This helps to minimize air movement and dust, plus it can reduce allergy symptoms. The benefits of a hydronic heating system for your Chicago business include:

  • Highly effective heating and cooling
  • Even heat distribution
  • Improved comfort and air quality over forced-air systems
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy zoning for large buildings
  • Quiet operation

To learn more about the benefits of hydronic systems for commercial facilities, contact us today.

Our Hydronic System Services in Chicago

At First Point Mechanical, we can install and service all the components of hydronic systems, including boilers, chillers, circulator pumps, piping, radiators, in-floor radiant systems, and more. We offer complete service contracts for hydronic systems, as well as on-demand maintenance and repairs. Our hydronic system services include:

  • Hydronic system installation Our experts can design and install a hydronic system to meet the needs of any commercial facility large or small.
  • Hydronic system replacement When it is time to upgrade or replace your hydronic system or any of its components, turn to our experts at First Point Mechanical for quality, professional results.
  • Hydronic system repairs When your hydronic system breaks down, call First Point Mechanical right away for fast service, quality repairs, and minimal downtime.
  • Hydronic system maintenance Avoid problems and keep your hydronic system as efficient as possible with preventative maintenance from our team at First Point Mechanical.

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Why Choose First Point Mechanical for Hydronic Services?

As a leading commercial HVAC provider in Chicago, First Point Mechanical Services has earned a reputation for quality service and superior workmanship. We feature friendly, certified technicians, fast response times, and 24/7 availability for emergency service.

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