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Chicago Commercial HVAC Services
for Your Rooftop Unit

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Services

In Chicago, keeping a commercial building comfortable is a challenging task. The large scale and historic nature of many of our city’s buildings require creative heating and cooling options. First Point Mechanical Services, LLC, has a number of options to help keep your building comfortable. If you are like many local businesses, you likely use a rooftop unit to heat and cool your property. We are here to help you with installation, maintenance, and repair services whenever you need them.

For help with rooftop units in Chicago, reach out to the experienced team at First Point Mechanical Services, LLC today.

Choosing the Right Rooftop Unit for Your Chicago Property

If you’re in need of a new rooftop unit, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one. These units provide a cost-effective solution for heating and cooling high-rise buildings, but they aren’t all the same. The technicians at First Point Mechanical can help you choose one that has the right capacity for keeping your business comfortable. Some of the factors you’ll want to consider include:

  • The type, location, and occupancy of you building.
  • How much money you need to save on utilities
  • Capacity of the unit
  • SEER number for the unit

Make sure you get the right unit for your Chicago property. Contact First Point Mechanical for expert guidance today.

Maintenance for Commercial Rooftop Units in Chicago

Once you have the unit installed, keeping it running effectively and efficiently requires some regular maintenance. First Point Mechanical offers commercial rooftop unit maintenance plans that put your maintenance on auto pilot. With one of these plans, we will schedule regular visits from one of our technicians to check and service your unit, so it continues to deliver reliable cooling and heating all year long.

Schedule a maintenance appointment or contact us to learn more about our maintenance agreements today.

Why Choose First Point Mechanical for Your Commercial Rooftop Units?

When it comes to keeping your property comfortable, First Point Mechanical is the name Chicago-area businesses trust. We have been serving the region since 2007, and our technicians know their stuff well. We focus entirely on commercial HVAC systems, and we are ready to put our knowledge to work for your business.

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