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Winter 2019 Maintenance

The winter season may seem like a good time to cool down on maintenance inspections but neglecting your equipment during one of the harshest times of the year can prove risky and costly. The fall maintenance inspection is a great time to prepare your equipment for winter. But the winter maintenance inspection is the perfect time to prepare your equipment for extreme weather conditions we often see during this time of year.



During winter months due to snow accumulation and temperature changes – both above and below freezing – a common nuisance issue is the gas regulator vent getting plugged by snow and/or ice, which can prevent gas from flowing, thus causing heat to fail. Keeping the vents and vent tubing clear and unobstructed is recommended.

Maintaining belts and clean filters will help prevent heat failures caused by the furnace sections overheating.



At this time of year, boilers should already be maintained and tuned up for combustion efficiency. They should be checked daily or weekly by the building maintenance personnel for proper system pressure, leaks and proper operation.

Steam boilers need additional attention such as manually testing the low water cut-off safeties. This is critical for the safety of all occupants in the building.



This is a great time of year to begin the process of retrofitting existing equipment and installing new cooling equipment to be prepared for spring and summer.

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