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Winter Is Coming… Are You Ready?

First Point Mechanical is ready for winter with:

  • 26 service technicians
  • Recently invested in both new, high-quality combustion analyzers and recalibrating our existing analyzers for boiler combustion tune-ups
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Several service technicians are UA S.T.A.R. Certified
The heating season is underway, and First Point Mechanical has already been preparing customers for the cooler weather ahead.  


A properly performed boiler tune-up includes:
  • Cleaning boiler tubes/heat exchangers
  • Cleaning and testing all boiler safeties
  • Adjusting/calibrating controls
  • Tuning the burner itself
If not performed yearly, the increase in fuel cost per facility will be costly as more than the required fuel will need to be burned to provide the same heating results.  


Make sure your chiller equipment is properly maintained with the following tips:
  • Properly shut down chiller
  • Shut down unneeded pumps
  • Drain systems properly
  • Add anti-freeze to systems exposed to freezing weather, if necessary
  • Perform winter maintenance on chillers including:
    – Cleaning condenser tubes – Oil samples – Filter changes
This is a great time of year to begin the process of equipment replacement and/or upgrades if your system is in need. Prolonging this process (which can often be lengthy) can lead to possible issues of systems not being completed on time for next spring.

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